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Gmail has a Gmail technical helpline for each of its technical support center. It has a total of 70 centers that are located all over the world, spanning 40 different countries. In USA alone, it has developed omnipresence through its center in every state. So, the USA based users of Gmail can get help anytime they want and need through the Gmail Technical Helpline of the support center of Gmail that is located within their state. The number is charge free (toll free) so you can call as per the working hours that are listed with Gmail and then receive instructions on the phone or fix any problem. You can even report a particular problem using this method.

Gmail technical support

The Gmail technical support team of Google also utilizes the forums and gives out tutorials at the official support section of Gmail at the Google website through the troubleshooting column. You can read the troubleshooting tips, get information on any issue or send a screenshot of the message that’s appearing on your account to the Google email and get them to resolve the matter. But that will take time and so will the forum and tutorial option which is why most users don’t prefer using the official Gmail technical support means. Of course, they are free of cost but they are not really practical if you are in a hurry and need immediate help. For immediate e service, third parties pose the best option. You can contact them anytime, receive help agent at your home.

We at Touch Wood Technologies have implemented the CBSE-CCE & ICSE Exam result and progress monitoring software at some top boarding school of India. We are happy to help you in migrating/updating to the prescribed formats of CBSE/ICSE with minimal efforts. Read the rest of this entry »


Early History, 1940s – 1970s

The use of computer hardware and software in education and training dates to the early 1940s, when American researchers developed flight simulators which used analog computers to generate simulated onboard instrument data. One such system was the type19 synthetic radar trainer, built in 1943. From these early attempts in the WWII era through the mid 1970s, educational software was directly tied to the hardware, usually mainframe computers, on which it ran. Pioneering educational computer systems in this era included the PLATO system (1960), developed at the University of Illinois, and TICCIT (1969). In 1963, IBM had established a partnership with Stanford University’s Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences (IMSSS), directed by Patrick Suppes, to develop the first comprehensive CAI elementary school curriculum which was implemented on Read the rest of this entry »

School management software

School management software

Our School ERP Enterprise Solution system offers complete School Management software which covers all the functions related to the smooth functioning of schools & colleges. Right from issuing of pre-admission forms to the announcement of cut-off list, followed by the new admissions and their subsequent fee submissions to the disbursing of study material, the features covered in our school ERP software help in streamlining every activity in the school.

The day to day functioning of our school software at schools and colleges management which includes class attendance, teacher’s attendance,

School bus schedules, leave applications and records, salary calculation of teachers and other staff, issuing of library books, school canteen stocks, repairing of fixtures and other items in the school, our School ERP Solution is comprehensive enough to give the school management a bird’s eye view of all the activities happening in the school. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Company’s Website delivers the “Best web design” of your company to the global audience/ prospective buyers on the Internet, Touch Wood Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a professional and well established web design Gurgaon  company offers effective, stylish and affordable corporate web designing services to business or corporates.

With a rich experience of 5+ years, corporate website design Gurgaon have created and launched successful websites by providing affordable web design services to all our clients ranging from start ups, small businesses to leading corporations. In spite of all the complexities, for your web site design, we aim to keep the user interface as simple and attractive as possible. It forms the bridge between the user and the technological back-end which is the backbone of all business Websites today.

We don’t just make corporate web site design. We strive to build a corporate web site design that pays for itself. We design it with your major goals in mind like attracting prospective buyers, generating revenues, reducing customer service costs, attracting new employees. We want a corporate website to become an integral part of your company.

Since Corporate Logo is an integral part of corporate identity, the style and tone of our work for your website begins with your corporate identity and brand aesthetics. Thus, designing Corporate Logos is one of our web designing company chief concern. After all it is your logo that makes you stand apart among all your competitors. It will reinforce your brand and not only help in customer base expansion but also in winning customer loyalty. Read the rest of this entry »

User specific security management
  • Super Admin
  • Complete control over Software features
  • Assign rights to various departments/ school branches
  • Can access any Department / user / school branch
  • View reports of any Department / School , individually or cumulatively
  • Send message to Departments / Schools
  • Guardian/ Parent Login
    • Child’s attendance
    • Time Table
    • Examination Schedule
    • Fee Receipts
    • Results
    • Instructions/ complaints from class teacher as well as principal.
    • Invitation to any function
    • Ask query from teacher/ principal
  • Accountant Login
    • Fees Module
    • Term Setting
    • Fee Structure
    • Fee Collection (Regular Fees & Transport Fee) & other miscellaneous charges (e.g. Picnic Charges etc.)
    • Fee Refund
    • Clear Cheque Option
    • Multiple Term Fee Deposit (Eg. Apr-Mar etc)
    • Students Concession (Individually/ Category)
    • Cancel Receipt Option
  • Accounts Module
    • Accounts Group creation
    • Ledger creation
    • Bank Payment
    • Bank Receipt
    • Cash Payment
    • Cash Receipt
    • Contra
    • Trial Balance
    • Day Book
    • Ledger Details
    • Bank Book
    • Cash Book
    • Journal Book
    • Principal Login
    • Send message to Superadmin / Z.O. / Guardians / Teachers / Students / Employees
    • View New Admissions, School strength, Class & Section wise Strength
    • View Bus Details, Bus Fee report
    • View Library Transaction Details
    • Pending Fee List
    • Fee Summary
    • Teacher Time Table
    • Employee Attendance
    • Attendance Day Wise and Employee List
  • Teacher Login
    • Class Attendance to his/her class with edit facility
    • Give Comment to guardians as well as principal
    • class schedule
    • Salary status
    • Instructions from principal
    • Report card making
    • Query to accounts department for advance
    • Asking for approval from authorized authority for leave
    • Defining Topics for syllabus & contents against topics
    • Marks of student based on class, subject and examination type
  • Librarian Login
    • Add, Modify, Delete Book Categories
    • Add Book (Define Entry Date, Accession No, Classification Code No. Etc)
    • Card Issue and Return of Library Card
    • Issue Books
    • Deposit Books
    • Magazine Master & Issue Module for News Paper (According to Date and Year)
    • Related Customized Reports
    Students Module
    • Admissions
    • New Admissions Entry
    • Existing Student Entry/ Modification
    • View Admission Form
    • Modify Admission Document Record
    • Allocate TC
    • Add Class Section
  • Issue Certificates
    • Transfer Certificate
    • Provisional Passing Certificate
    • Character Certificate
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • Examination Module
    • Add Class Subject
    • Add Exam Date based on Examination Type
    • Defining Fail Criteria for Every Subject (e.g. Fail In More Than 1 Subject Will Be Fail etc.)
    • Question Paper Editor & Browser (Create Question Paper, Marks, Type Of Question)
    • Exam Attendance and allocate Shifts
    • Entering Mark-sheet Read the rest of this entry »

    Boarding School : Himachal Pradesh


    • Akal Academy

    Sant Attar Singh Hari Sadhu Ashram
    P.O. Baru Sahid (Via Rajgarh),
    Distt. Sirmore,
    Himachal Pradesh- 173101



    • Chinmaya Vidyalaya

    Senior Secondary School Dr.Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Nauni Solan – 173230 (H.P)



    • Army Public Scholl

    Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh 173210




    • Bishop Cotton School

    Shimla, Himachal Pradesh – 171002 Read the rest of this entry »

    Coming Soon…..