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CBSE CCE Report Card Sample for Class X: Page 03

CBSE CCE Report Card


Since one of the objectives of testing is to find defects, the discrepancies between actual and expected outcomes need to be logged as incidents.  An incident must be investigated and may turn out to be a defect. Appropriate actions to dispose incidents and defects should be defined. Incidents and defects should be tracked from discovery and classification to correction and confirmation of the solution. In order to manage all incidents to completion, an organization should establish an incident management process and rules for classification.

Incidents may be raised during development, review, testing or use of a software product. They may be raised for issues in code or the working system, or in any type of documentation including requirements, development documents, test documents, and user information such as “Help” or installation guides.

Incident reports have the following objectives:



  • Simplified Mark Entry Format
  • Result Card Term wise
  • Annual Performance Card
  • Merit List
  • Consolidated Result Card
  • Mark Listing (Subject Wise)
  • Mark Register (Class Wise)
  • Governor Awards/Honors/Distinction/Rank Achievers List And Cer
  • School Criteria
  • Information to the Parents Regarding the Exam.
  • Result Through E-Mail
  • Percentage wise Student Breakup (With Chart Display)
  • Class/Subject Wise Analysis (With Chart Display)
  • Comparative Chart For Term Wise Student Result Analysis
  • Comparative Chart For Year Wise Student Result Analysis
  • Chart For Subject Teachers Analysis
    • Particular Teacher In Different Classes
    • Different Teachers In A Particular Class
    1. Tutor Analysis with No. Of Students They Tech
    2. Extra Curricular/General Evaluation

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