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School erp

School erp


Few things to be kept in mind while choosing


Integrated Software: Need to go for comprehensive automation products which integrates all the activities (admission, billing, library, payments, hostels, student  registration etc) into one data base and MIS

    • Internet Based Product: In today’s world, web enabled technology is always  preferred as it can give parents access to students information from home and also gives management access to important information from remote locations. Read the rest of this entry »

    Schoole ERPRegistration & Admission software organizes the admissions process and makes recruiting efforts more effective. This comprehensive system enables you to track applicants fro With Registration & Admission, Read the rest of this entry »

    Salient  features key benefits

    Salient features


    Registration & Admission software organizes the admissions process and makes recruiting efforts more effective. This comprehensive system enables you to track applicants fro With Registration & Admission, you can capture important information necessary to make enrollment decisions regarding your prospects andapplicants and maintain a comprehensive record of each contact. Read the rest of this entry »


    Early History, 1940s – 1970s

    The use of computer hardware and software in education and training dates to the early 1940s, when American researchers developed flight simulators which used analog computers to generate simulated onboard instrument data. One such system was the type19 synthetic radar trainer, built in 1943. From these early attempts in the WWII era through the mid 1970s, educational software was directly tied to the hardware, usually mainframe computers, on which it ran. Pioneering educational computer systems in this era included the PLATO system (1960), developed at the University of Illinois, and TICCIT (1969). In 1963, IBM had established a partnership with Stanford University’s Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences (IMSSS), directed by Patrick Suppes, to develop the first comprehensive CAI elementary school curriculum which was implemented on Read the rest of this entry »

    ERP Software Solutions

    ERP Software Solutions is an offshore software development company located in Delhi, the heart of India has developed an ERP software solution exclusively for manufacturers & distributors. ERP softwaresolution can help manufacturering & distributoring companies in optimizing the use of their resources. It can help in drastically cutting down Material Wastages, Inventory shortages, delivery pilferages, and help in greatly improving productivity, Customer service, Quality Control, and client’s delivery etc

    ERP helps in reducing operational costs…

    Once implemented across various departments of an organization, Our ERP software Solutions for Manufacturering companies & Distributors help in greatly streamlining processes and reducing running costs related to the business. This major benefit is actually achieved through a better co-ordination among the various departments of an organization. This improved co-ordination actually helps in improving overall efficiencies of the business for which the ERP solution is being implemented. Some of the key benefits of this system include mower operating costs, better inventory management & better preparation for contingencies, reduced production costs and reduced marketing costs as well. Read the rest of this entry »

    School management software

    School management software

    Our School ERP Enterprise Solution system offers complete School Management software which covers all the functions related to the smooth functioning of schools & colleges. Right from issuing of pre-admission forms to the announcement of cut-off list, followed by the new admissions and their subsequent fee submissions to the disbursing of study material, the features covered in our school ERP software help in streamlining every activity in the school.

    The day to day functioning of our school software at schools and colleges management which includes class attendance, teacher’s attendance,

    School bus schedules, leave applications and records, salary calculation of teachers and other staff, issuing of library books, school canteen stocks, repairing of fixtures and other items in the school, our School ERP Solution is comprehensive enough to give the school management a bird’s eye view of all the activities happening in the school. Read the rest of this entry »

    ERP Software  Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Since successful completion of large scale Construction is a teamwork consisting of Project Manager, Project Architect, Construction Engineer etc. For the successful completion of any project, effective planning along with modern technology & infrastructure is essential.

    Our Construction management software ERP Enterprise Solution system offers a total co-ordination of all the key processes involved in construction companies involved in Building & construction management, Building Roads, Building Dams, Houses & Apartments as well as construction business operating from different locations and sites. Read the rest of this entry »

    ERP Software Solutions for Hospital Management...

    Hospital Management

    The Hospital management ERP Enterprise Solution system offered by us collectively brings the most up-to-date technologies and fine administrative processes to effectively streamline various key processes inside a hospital. This hospital management software is fully capable for working with multi-specialty in hospital systems, and is well equipped to cover all the processes related to a Hospital’s day–to day functioning.

    Our hospital management software covers all the functional areas right from the hospital’s reception log to the discharge summary details and all the activities that happen in the hospital in-between.

    OPD details, IPD information, Pharmacy & Store stocks management, Radiology Reports, OT detailed logs, Availability of Beds, Visiting Consultants, Kitchen & Laundry Services, Pathology reports, Patient’s billing, this comprehensively designed solution supports the functioning of all systems, thus helping the hospital in increasing the level of its services and lifting its image. Read the rest of this entry »