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Payroll system consists of Preparation of Wages after effecting necessary earnings/deductions. The benefits that accrue from thisĀ  system include Monthly repor wise breakup of wages, PF Statutory reports, computation of Income tax, Gratuity liabilities & Pension funds etc. Given below are the details of Inputs/Outputs


  • Employee Wise Personal Information
  • Basic Salary
  • Grade/Level
  • Details Of Loans & Advances
  • Pf &Vpf Contributions
  • Group Insurance Deductions
  • Pay Slips
  • Pay Register
  • Department wise Pay Summary
  • Pf Ledger With Interest Calculation
  • Monthly Deduction Statements


Provident Fund

  • Electriccity Bill
  • Other Deductions
  • Monthly Allowances Statements


  • Transport Allowances
  • H.R.A.
  • Other Allowances
  • Outstanding Loan Statement
  • Outstanding Advances Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Annual Income Tax Computation
  • Pay Computation Algorithm Based On
  • Attendance & Other Earnings / Deductions
  • Earnings :
    • Basic Payable
    • D.A.
    • D.A.Arrears
    • H.R.A.
    • Transport Allowances
    • Other Allowances
  • Recoveries & Deductions :
    • P.F.
    • V.P.F.
    • Loan
    • Electrical Charges
    • Bank Loan
    • Staff Bill
    • Salary Advance
    • Festival Advance
    • Child. Educ. Advance
    • Other Deductions

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