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Financial AccountingProduct Overview

Financial Accounting Package consists of capturing of Payments, Receipts, Journal Vouchers, Debit Memo, Credit Memo, Asset details etc. and booking of all expenses to appropriate cost centers. Books generated are in accordance with Balance Sheet schedule to facilitate auditing& control. Given below are the Inputs/Outputs proposed:



  • A/C Head With Classification


  • Cash/Bank Payment Voucher


  • Receipt Voucher


  • Journal Voucher


  • Debit/Credit Note


  • Budget Details


  • Debtors/Creditors


  • Bank Statement


  • Daily Finance Memo


  • Computer Printed Receipts


  • Cash Book With Summary


  • Bank Daybook With Summary


  • Bank Reconciliation Statement


  • General Ledger


  • Statement Of A/C


  • Trial Balance


  • Balance Sheet / Schedules/Sub Schedules


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