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Exam Result & Progress Monitoring Software


Product Overview



We at Touch Wood Technologies have implemented the CBSE-CCE & ICSE Exam result and progress monitoring software at some top boarding school of India. We are happy to help you in migrating/updating to the prescribed formats of CBSE/ICSE with minimal efforts.



General Features of the Software

  • User friendly Entry and Reporting Option
  • Multi-user network support
  • Customized According to Latest CBSE CCE pattern
  • No need to worry about credibility of the software already running successfully in some Top-Boarding school of India.
  • Simplified Marks Entry Format
  • Class Wise control to do Marks Entry (Entry for one class in one go makes it very fast and efficient)
  • House wise control to do Assessment entry(Entry for one House in one go save time of House Master)
  • Marks and Grading system compatible to both
  • Strong Security and Login based system (can set expiry date of login)
  • Backup system
  • Year Wise Control



  • Result Card for students Term wise
  • Annual Performance Card
  • Merit List
  • Consolidated Sheet
  • Mark Register (Class Wise)
  • Governor Awards/Honors/Distinction/Rank Achievers List And Certificate According To School Criteria Mark Listing (Subject Wise)

MIS-Report: Analysis with Chart



  • Class Result Analysis : Percentage wise
  • Class Result Analysis : Pass /Fail
  • Class Result Analysis : Against Each Subject (e.g. Highest, Lowest, Average Marks)
  • Class Result Analysis : for Achievers, Distinction etc. against each subject
  • Student Performance Analysis: Term Wise, against each subject, along with Position in class, %age, Attainment


MIS-Report (Student List)


  • Searching By
    • Roll No. Computer No.
    • Student Name
    • Sur-Name
    • Father Name
    • Mother Name
  • Student List (during the desired period) on
    • Present Student
    • Withdrawn Student
    • New Admission
  • Class wise
  • Class Section wise
  • House /Hostel wise
  • Boys/Girls wise
  • Boarder/Day Scholar wise
  • Civilian/Defense/NRI/Staff-Child wise
  • Location Wise
    • City
    • State
    • Country
  • Student List (with contact details) Whose Parent is/are
    • Doctor
    • Engineer
    • Judge
    • Advocate
    • DIG, etc.
  • Sibling (Brother/Sister) List
  • Child of Alumni
  • Address Label printing
  • Single Address for Sibling (Help in sending currier/billing to same parents)

We believe it will help you a lot in managing your School Academia in efficient manner.

We have rich experience of implementing this software.



For Further details contact us at:-

Contact No: 0 92 12 61 50 44, 0124 – 42 65 737, 40 66 299

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