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·         Manual Adjustments can be made after Auto generation of Timetable
·         Database Backup / Restore options
·         Stores the timetable for later use.
·         User friendly Entry and Reporting Option
·         Customized According to exact school requirement
·         No need to worry about credibility of the software already running successfully in some Top schools
·         Strong Security and Login based system (can set expiry date of login)
·         Software installed on server/P.C. can be accessed from on any number of computers in network
Why STS..? (School Timetable Software)
·         Get Relief from Manual Timetable Preparation and save your manpower cost for life long
·         Conflict Control ( Prevention from Clashes between Teachers & Duplicate periods )
·         Create your school timetable in few hours with 100% accuracy.
Best Suited to:
Residential / Boarding School, International Schools, Residential cum day School,Government School, Private School, Government Aided School, Anglo Indian School, Matriculation School, ICSE Board School, CBSE Schools , Play Schools , State Govt. Board Schools , Montessori Schools , Primary School, Nursery School, Kids Schools , Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.

Timetable Scheduling, Class Room Management & Teacher Utilization

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After sale Support & services*

Tips: Save Time, Save Money, Remove Dependency,Teacher Substitute/Arrangement

Save Time: Generate Timetable in 14 Hours. Save your Teacher precious time. Let them conceSchool-Timetable-Softwarentra

te more on other.

Save Money: Save your Money for life time after investing one time in Timetable Software.
Remove Dependency: No need to be dependent on any particular and Timetable Expert teacher.

Substitute:Handle day to day Substitute/Arrangement in few minutes by taking care of the substitute teacher work loads.


Product Overview: 

We have Time-Table software that is successfully running in some of the top Schools of India.

The software is highly customized and can further customized as per school requirement.


The Software is very smart to handle following cases/criteria:

  • Substitute (Cover Class) for absent teacher of the same class (Daily Need of every school)
  • Substitute (Cover Class) for absent teacher of the same subject (Daily Need of every school)
  • If a teacher left the job, option to replace new teacher with that
  • Option to swap two teachers with each other class/period
  • Conditional Periods of allotments for Principal/Vice Principal. e.g. Should be free in 1st and 5th periods.
  • Group Teachers ( 2 Teachers in same class ) Second Language ( Tamil/ Hindi) Extra Curricular Activity Periods (Art / Craft)
  • Group Classes ( One Teacher in Two or More Classes) 9th A Hindi period is combined with 9th B & 9th C
  • Group Subjects ( Higher Secondary Classes) e.g. 12A (1st Group-Math’s) with 12B (2nd Group-Biology) with 12C (3rd Group- History)
  • Uniform Period allotments for all the classes or some specific classes. e.g. Subjects like Mass Drill, Prayer etc.
  • Uniform Class teacher’s period allotments. e.g. Class teachers should be allotted in 1st or 2nd periods.
  • Consecutive/Double period allocation facility
  • Conditional period allotments for Games. e.g. P.T. Periods should not be allotted in 4th or 5th periods.
  • Fixed Period allotment details. e.g. Practical Periods for Higher Secondary Classes Fixed based on Availability of the lab.
  • Two different Sets of Work Allotments E.g. Std 1 to 5 – 7 Periods Per Day & Std 6 to 12 – 8 Periods Per Day
  • Checking of total Working Hours per week for the teachers.


  • Substitute/Arrangement (Cover Class) for absent teacher (Helpful to decide in a moment to whom depute for cover class)
  • Master Time Table
    • Class wise Timetable(for students)
    • Teacher wise timetable(for teachers)
    • Teacher Day wise Master-Sheet(for Management)
  • Week Timetable (Help Management to take decision)
    • Master timetable for all Occupied Teachers
    • Master timetable for all Free Teachers
    • Master timetable for all Classes
  • Teacher Load Assessment (Help Management to measure per teacher load)
  • Free Teachers list
    • Free Teachers list For Day
    • Free Teachers list for Period
    • Free Teachers list for Subject
  • Engaged Teachers list
    • Engaged Teachers list for Day
    • Engaged Teachers list for Period
    • Engaged Teachers list for Subject



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