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A dynamic web page is a kind of web page that has been prepared with personalized information for each individual viewing. A dynamic website can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the site. For example, news and events could be posted to the site through a simple browser interface. Some examples of dynamic website features could be: content management system, e-commerce system, bulletin / discussion boards, intranet or extranet facilities, ability for clients or users to upload documents, ability for administrators or users to create content or add information to a site (dynamic publishing). Example of dynamic website is website for Online registration, Rail Ticket booking, Air ticket Booking, Online bank Statement, Forum and many others like this.


Advantages of dynamic websites

  • Control of owner on website
  • Much more functional website
  • Admin can easily update without having web site designing knowledge
  • New content brings people back to the site and helps in the search engines
  • After personal login every user will have only related information (e.g. online Bank A/C)



Disadvantages of dynamic websites

  • More expensive to develop
  • Can be slower if all content comes directly from stored Database
  • Hosting costs a little more
  • Search Engine may not find the content of website which comes from Database




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